Hi there! I’m a serial conference organiser, technical presenter, open source contributor, and software engineer. These days I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m open to roles on-site in San Francisco or the North Bay, or to primarily remote roles elsewhere.

If you’re interested in getting in contact with me, e-mail is best (mail@chrisjrn.com), but you can also find me on Twitter (@chrisjrn) or LinkedIn.

You can find my conference activities on Lanyrd, videos of talks I’ve given on YouTube or my talks page, and my open source contributions at GitHub.

Community and Developer Relations Roles

Director, Linux.conf.au 2017 (March 2014-January 2017)

  • Formed and led team that successfully bid for Australasia’s premier Free and Open Source Software conference.
  • Sourced quotations and negotiated contracts with vendors including venue, catering, and accommodation suppliers.
  • Managed a volunteer team, through the planning and delivery of a 5-day developer and open source community event, with 600 attendees, in January 2017.
  • Managed the search for four international keynote speakers.
  • Outreach and Sponsorship Chair, PyCon Australia (January 2014-Present)

  • Handling sponsor and vendor relationships for Australia’s premier Python developer event, negotiating and managing upwards of $60k in sponsor revenue annually. This represents approximately 35% of total conference revenue.
  • Managing the conference’s financial assistance programme, providing grants to enable deserving people, from diverse backgrounds, to attend PyCon Australia. This programme represents 10% of the conference’s budget year on year.
  • Ordinary Committee Member (Board Member), Linux Australia (January 2014-February 2016)

  • Board Member of non-profit organisation that oversees the growth of the Australian Open Source community.
  • Liaison between board and organisers of PyCon Australia.
  • Developed policy for governance and oversight of conferences run under the organisation’s auspices.
  • Co-Director, PyCon Australia (August 2011-July 2013)

  • Public face, community and sponsor liaison for two conferences, helping to grow conference to in excess of 300 attendees.
  • Designed and delivered wide-reaching financial assistance scheme to improve outreach and opportunities for those traditionally unable to attend.
  • Others

  • Miniconf organiser, Linux.conf.au 2010-2014
  • President, University of Tasmania Computing Society; December 2008-March 2011
  • Software Engineering Roles

    Independent Python Developer (January 2016-December 2016)

  • Web back-end development primarily using the Django web framework
  • Designed and delivered the open source ticket sales and invoicing platform used for linux.conf.au 2017, and currently in use for PyCon Australia 2017. This work was completed with the support of the Python Software Foundation.
  • Senior Software Developer, Asdeq Labs Pty Ltd (October 2012-October 2015)

  • Automated testing for untested legacy Java server code, enabling a substantial increase of code coverage and refactors of previously untested code
  • C++ application development featuring C++11, STL, Boost and LucenePlusPlus
  • Android application in Java, based on wrapping a C++ application core. This included including binding between Java user interface code and C++ infrastructure code using the Android Native Development Kit.
  • Client-side HTML 5 development in TypeScript & JavaScript, suitable for embedding within an iPad app.
  • Other technologies encountered: Git, Python, Groovy & Gradle, Geb/Webdriver, Lucene (for Java), iOS development (Objective-C & Swift).
  • Software Developer, Secret Lab Pty Ltd (October 2010-September 2012)

  • Contract Android, and Web back-end development for clients in Australia and overseas; notably the Android client for Meebo IM (acquired by Google).
  • Conference workshop presentation, and mobile development training.
  • Others

  • Itinerant teaching assistant, University of Tasmania; February-November 2010
  • Software Engineering Intern, Google Australia; December 2009-February 2010
  • Education

    Bachelor of Science with Honours, University of Tasmania (February 2007-August 2010)

  • First Class Honours in Computer Science; Majors in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Graduated with University Medal, 2010.
  • ACM Intercollegiate Programming Contest World Finalist (with team), 2009.
  • Publications and Presentations

    Selected Talks

    For a full listing of talks and videos, see http://chrisjrn.com/talks/ — some highlights are:

  • Python’s New Type Hints in Action… In JavaScript! – PyCon Australia 2015, Kiwi PyCon 2015, PyCon Canada 2015
  • Welcoming Everyone: Five Years of Outreach and Inclusion Programmes at PyCon Australia – FOSSETCON 2015
  • Test-Driven Repair – OSCON 2015, PyCon Australia 2015
  • Mobile Design and Development Tutorial with various titles – OSCON 2011-2015, with Paris Buttfield-Addison and Jonathon Manning (video not available)
  • Speaking Engagements

    I maintain a complete record of conferences and meetups I’ve been to on my Lanyrd profile.

  • O’Reilly OSCON 2011-2015
  • linux.conf.au 2012 and 2016
  • PyCon Australia 2014-2016
  • PyCon Canada 2013 (invited feature presenter) and 2015
  • PyCaribbean 2016
  • PyOhio 2014
  • Kiwi PyCon 2014-2016
  • ConFoo Montréal 2016-2017
  • Open Source Developers Conference Australia 2011 and 2015
  • FOSSETCON 2015
  • AUC /dev/world 2009-2015
  • DroidCon India 2013
  • Awards and Recognition

  • Fellow, Python Software Foundation; April 2013 (as Elected Member).
  • University Medal in Science, Engineering and Technology, University of Tasmania; December 2010.
  • ACM South Pacific Regional Programming Contest, 3rd place (with team), 2008 and 2009.