Well… after 8 long, long weeks, I’m finally back on my laptop… there’s something amazingly gratifying about using your own computer. What’s more is that I’m also back on Debian, which is great news for me :). After the repair, I was extremely excited to discover a new 40GB Hard Disk (up from 30), and a new motherboard. Battery needs replacing though, and a new one has been ordered. So all witll be good in the land of computing for me.

The last week has primarily been about rediscovering the software that I’ve missed out on whilst stuck on a Windows Box, along with finding out what new stuff exists – for example, Debian (finally) package OpenOffice.org 2.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 on their own, so with the exception of my Dev version of Gaim and iTunes (which I am using under the Stallman Clause [to develop a suitable replacement for it]), I am using an entirely Debian Computer. And now that I have Hibernation Support operational, I will actually be able to take it places and use it effectively. w00t!

So, since the computer is so incredibly new now, I’m breaking with this laptop’s naming system (ChrisBox), and onto the GoldenEye-themed system that I’ve been planning for some time now. I’ve named the laptop “Petya”, which is the name of the satellite in GoldenEye which destroys a large portion of Siberia using an Electromagnetic Pulse – I find it quite fitting since the laptop was repaired due to magnetic issues…

So… that’s it for now. Bye!