For today’s general update, I’m telling you what’s going on in my world of computers.

Firstly, I’ve done a considerable abmount of CSS Tweaking over the past day-or-so, with a fair bit more to do. Firstly, gone are the ugly blue boxes over some of the headings. Those have now been replaced with a smaller version of the second-level headings. I’ve also added a nice underline for those headings. So, that looks good. Please, feel free to let me know what works and what doesn’t in the new layout (either by commenting or otherwise.)

And more importantly, I have finally accquired a decent computer to run as my utilities server. I’ll be running SSH/E-Mail/Web/File Server software on it, which will be quite useful in general. It is to be named Mischa, after the second GoldenEye Satellite (from the movie of the name of the sattelites). The OS Will be Debian 3.1. I’ll give you an address from which you can access the services it provides soonish.

That’s it for now… See you!