Well… time for another block of things to put together into one big post for your reading pleasure.

My first Uni Unit is now completed – the final lecture was today, and didn’t consist of much… Just a tad of revision, lasting not much more than half an hour. However, myself, Aaron Just, and a bunch of his friends decided to make the last lecture memorable. We did this by stringing a loop of fishing wire between the two top lecture theatres in the main Uni Building, and taping long Java-related messages to them, and running them across the back of the lecture theatre. It almost went according to plan, except that Julian (the lecturer) decided to ask questions of the class, and made a joke about me not being in the theatre. He then cleverly looked up to where we were, thus seeing the poster before we got to string it across the line :(. All in all, it was mostly successful. I’ll provide the audio once I clear up the copyright complications.

Secondly, I got my first blogspam today :(. I may have to disable commenting if the issue continues – I will get into contact with my hosts to see whether or not we can fix this.

More news as it comes… cya!