Today was the fruition of one of Dad’s blank promises – he has outwardly broadcast his wanting to go to the Strathgordon/Lake Pedder area since I was 3-ish. Well… today we actually went. Weather was lovely around here, and as such, we didn’t think too much about how it would be on the other side of the Mountain – Ch.9’s rainfall map even said it was going to be dry statewide.

Well… unfortunately for us, it was cold, windy and wet at our final destination, and as such, we spent less than an hour in the general area. I did take one or two good photos, but unfortunately, none of them are of the lake itself – the fog was so dense you couldn’t see anything worthwhile.

A good trip – Dad can now shut up and say that he’s actually been… As for the rest of us (i.e. Me), an interesting car trip, not much else more.