Here’s the latest in my rather sparse set of updates from me:

14 Years ago, I stepped into the doors of the Hutchins School to begin my schooling/education/etc. 14 days from today, I will be partaking in a Barbeque at Collegiate to mark the end of it. It’s a really scary thought, and I get the idea that my next two weeks are going to be very interesting.

In relation to my aforementioned Debating Final, I lost it — oh well… But in an upnote, my winnings for the UNSW ProgComp ended up being 4 times as much as we expected it to be, to the tune of $400. Not bad at all, considering it comes with a $2000 scholarship to CSE at UNSW. I may consider even taking it up.

Expect more updates as we approach the beginning of SWOT Vac. Until then, Bye!