This blog is really starting to get a workout again. Let’s hope that it stays that way!

Yesterday, I went to my first ever 18+ gig — it was a performance by none other than the Whitlams, in the Show Room (which is hidden in the actual Casino part of the Casino) at Wrest Point. Overall, it was a very good event, which is why I am now to write about it!

The evening started with our arrival at Wrest Point (“we” being Simon, Richard and Myself… The usual crowd :)), and going to the service desk and being asked for ID. Richard, who doesn’t drive, didn’t have any, so he had to call his Dad up for his Passport (!!!). After the initial kerfuffle, we slotted ourselves into the venue, and awaited the support act.

The support act was Sydney-based performer, Bertie Blackman, and her Band. The music was good, and I was generally impressed by the guitarist and bassist’s excessive use of DSP Effects. Their set lasted roughly half an hour. Probably the most notable thing there was that Bertie used a Hub Cap as percussion in one of the songs. That was quite interesting, to say the least.

The Whitlams themselves arrived on stage at about 9:40, and, strangely, began their performance on a song other than No Aphrodisiac (oh, the horror!), instead doing Beauty in Me off their new album. Once dealing with the initial shock of the aforementioned, and collecting myself, I paid more attention.

Highlights, in roughly chronological order, include:

  • Their performance of Fall For You was quite incredible. I always imagine hearing that song as a particularly lo-fi, produced piece, so I was amazed when they performed it as a heavy piece with lots of guitar. Incredible.
  • Jak’s solo in Louis Burdett was good.
  • Tim commenting on the style of our singing to Buy Now, Pay Later. Whilst pointing to a large group of Hutchins People up the front, he commented on our enunciation, particularly the “t”s and “d”s. Mrs Short, once again, I salute you :).
  • Four Encore songs, beginning with Charlie No.3, and concluding with I Make Hamburgers, with probably the loudest “More Sauce” call I’ve heard in a long time. There were far more things than that during the performance, which are far too numerous to mention. What I will point out though, is that I bought a copy of their “Rarities” disc for $10, (Saves me buying another copy of Torch The Moon), and got it signed by Timmy. Yay!

Overall, a really good night. Definitely looking forward to their next performance around here!