Hello, all! Time for an update for the week, since I’m about due for one of these.

Exams began this week, and out of the two that I’ve done so far, it’s been a pretty mixed bag. On Wednesday was Maths (Methods 5C to be precise), and, content-wise was the worst exam that I’ve ever sat – worse even than the Methods 4C exam I did last year which caused me to fall from a high EA to a low HA. The easy questions were generally easy, and the hard questions were irrelevant. Yay!

Computer Science, as I expected, was far easier. And, without revealing too much (I don’t want to lose an EA by releasing exam contents early), it was a cracker. I know the examiner, and his sense of humour permeated every section of the exam. I’m glad I finished reading with 5 minutes left of reading time left, so I could get over the laughter!

In non-academic news, the New James Bond movie premiered in England and the US this week, generally to excellent reviews, which can only bode well for its release here, on December 7th (I intend to book opening night tickets — e-mail me if you want to come along); also, the guys over at n-Europe played the Nintendo Wii hands on for the first time, and were blown away by the public’s support for the console. It releases in the US on Sunday, and here on December the 7th (I’ve pre-ordered)

In other news, I’m going to be spending a LOT of money on December the 7th, but I can hardly wait!