Well… here are mine: (Emphasis is added to demonstrate which ones I actually counted)

The following tertiary entrance subjects have been used to determine your Tertiary Entrance Rank for 2006-

2006 Chemistry 5C (subject score =16.5)
2006 Computer Science 5C (subject score =20.2)
2006 Mathematics -Methods 5C (subject score =19.1)
2006 Audio Design 5C (subject score =15.9)
2005 English – Communications 5C (subject score = 14.5)
2005 Information Systems 5C (subject score = 20.0)
2005 Physical Sciences 5C (subject score = 18.3)

In addition the following recognised subjects have contributed towards the calculation of your score. The weight given to each result (relative to a full TCE senior secondary level 5 subject) is shown after the score value.
2006 KXT102 Programming with Data Structures 22.0 – (0.5)
2006 KXT101 Programming and Problem Solving 25.0 – (0.5)

Using the rules specified by the University of Tasmania a Tertiary Entrance Score of 101.1 has been calculated from the above information.

Your score equates to a Tertiary Entrance Rank of 95.70.
The Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) is used by students when applying for tertiary courses throughout Australia.

Well… I’m mildly happy, as I have 5.7 percentiles more than I require for the degree that I wish to do. However, I’m quite annoyed with my result for Audio Design. Now I get to wait until tomorrow night to see how badly I went in the exams. Yay!