Just a quick post to point out that the latest version of my favourite operating system has been released, and as such, I am very happy, since this means that I can upgrade my home server, mischa, to the new version.

Therefore, it is important that users of mischa (this includes web server, mySQL and e-mail) perform regular backups of their homedir and databases — I will perform backups of /etc and /var but NO HOMEDIRS before I perform the upgrade to Debian 4.0.

I expect that the upgrade will occur on the weekend before ANZAC day (i.e. April 21 and 22), such that if anything goes horrendously wrong, I have a day reasonably close to the upgrade to fix things.

During the upgrade process, no services will be guaranteed to be available, although it is expected that it will still be available online.

So, once again: If you have useful stuff on mischa, make sure that you have it stored elsewhere. (I will send out another message close to the date.)