The ACM Programming Competition was on this past weekend — although the contest itself was a complete rout, it was still quite a fun event (as most such things are as far as I’m concerned).

At the Hobart site, we came second on the day, solving three out of the nine problems (the best team solved 5), with another program being judged correct upon rejudging — this means we got equal 11th in the overall South Pacific Competition (or 16th if you do the notional tie-breaking that didn’t appear to happen after the top 10), which (as far as I’m concerned) is not too shabby for a first attempt in the comp (by all three of us).

My team, from left, John Swanson, Myself and Michael Ford

The event in general was thoroughly enjoyable, and all three of us are looking forward to improving upon our regional ranking next year (beating 11th will be a good challenge, but is certainly achievable).