Wow, is that the time?!?!?! As usual, I’ve left this page for far too long without saying anything useful, so it’s about time I corrected that.

First thing to note would be that my second full-time semester at University has drawn to a close, and as usual, there’s been some thoroughly interesting stuff been studied, and a lot of infinitely boring stuff has been thoroughly ignored, probably to my eventual detriment (I suppose that that’s the way that things go though). Exams are next week, and I am currently sitting on comfortable HD’s for most of my units (excluding Chemistry), of course, in the context of University Exams, this means absolutely nothing, but it’s still nice to know…

In other slightly-related news, I’m now employed by AeGres, doing programming work on whatever projects I’m given (currently working on a *****\* for an *****\** being built in the middle of ********). It’s quite enjoyable, and having money is always nice; being able to choose my own hours is even better 🙂

As an aside, I’ll be attending, in Melbourne, in January next year; I’m really looking forward to it!

Well, that is all for now; more updates when I can be bothered.