Well, my University results for the semester are out. That’s quite good, as it means I can now post them for you to see!

  • KMA154 Calculus and Applications 1B: HD/98%
  • KRA114 Chemistry 1B: DN/75%
  • KXT203 Software Construction: HD/82%
  • KXT206 Artificial Intelligence: HD/87%

This brings my total for the year to 6xHD, 2xDN, 1xCR, and my total for my degree to 8xHD, 2xDN, 1xCR.

My Average mark for the year was 82% (for all 9 subjects) with a grade point average of 6.56, the average across my best 8 subjects was 84% with a grade point average of 6.75.

In particular, I’m really happy about maths, where I achieved a notional “perfect” score (i.e. more than 120 marks of 180), this appears to justify my intention of majoring in the field.

Chemistry’s also a good mover, which has improved by 7% since last semester: it’s nice to have the luxury of dropping a subject that achieves a distinction average, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing: unfortunately, there are other areas that I want to study next year, and Chem will be the one making way for them.

That’s it: my semester all wrapped up. Uni resumes at the end of February with me studying KMA251 Algebra and Applications 2, KMA252 Calculus and Applications 2, KMA255 Operations Research 2, KXT303 Concurrent Programming and HPA291 Introduction to Logic.

Until then, that’s all you’ll be hearing from me on the subject.