Today was the AGM for the UTas Internet Developers’ Society. Other than the usual blather that occurs in AGMs for these sorts of things, we’ve approved a change of name to TUCS (or rather the Tasmania University (union) Computing Society). For the moment this name change is purely cosmetic (as we really haven’t done that much in the way of Internet Development for as long as I’ve been at the Uni. The new name (in my opinion) reflects the membership, and the aims of the society a lot better.

One item of Business that I raised was the upcoming 2009, which you probably already know by now is being held at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. It’s been resolved that the Society establish better ties with the Free Software/Open Source Community (in Tasmania, in Particular with TasLUG) with the intention of better promoting Free/Open Source software amongst the student and staff body in the leadup to the conference; and I ran for the executive (successfully) on that basis.

Here’s hoping it’s a successful year for the society (which now has a cool name!)