My 20th Birthday was yesterday, so I’m making amends for not posting about it yesterday by making a note of it today. Notably, I don’t really feel any older than any time before, other than a strange feeling of foreboding that accompanies age in general. Or that may just be my stomach. No idea, though I’m sure I’ll find out in the ensuing years.

And a brief wrap-up of other me-related news:

  • Had a nice, short trip to Sydney in early July — I will make it a point of not entering New South Wales when State of Origin is on in the future. Went to the Apple Store on George Street far too many times — free internet is quite enticing when you’re waiting for people.
  • Whilst in Sydney, I attempted to catch up with SydneyPython in order to spruik my proposal for a Python Miniconf at LCA2009. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled, and so instead the SyPy people went to Beer2.0, where we met a bunch of interesting Web2.0 people.
  • Uni exams finished in mid-June, with results being released last week. In short, I had my best semester yet at Uni (straight HDs/nothing below 82), and so I’m certainly not regretting the increased workload as far as maths is concerned.
  • Semester 2 of Uni is now underway, I’ve had lectures in all three of my coursework-delivered units (Real and Complex Analysis, Computer Graphics and Animation, Topics in Advanced Mathematics), with only my research project unit to be dealt with. It’s looking like it’ll be a very interesting semester, with some thoroughly difficult units to be dealt with, so I’m happy about that.

That’s all for now. More as it comes.