I notice that the most significant number on my clock has incremented (as it tends to do once every 365ish days), and hence I feel obliged to point it out to you all: Happy new year!

2009 looks like it’ll be a really exciting year for me (for the first few months of it, anyway) — I’m looking forward to (in no particular (chronological) order):

  • Not going to Sydney to tutor at NCSS, instead, filling most of the rest of my summer break doing programming competition practice (exciting!!!?!)
  • linux.conf.au 2009 in Hobart (and the associated bonus of finally getting friends from interstate to reciprocate visits I’ve paid). Only 18 more sleeps until the first day of miniconfs kicks off — I’m thoroughly excited!
  • Starting my final semester of undergrad study (not so much the overload that I’ll be undertaking in order to actually finish my degree :()
  • Easter in Germany!
  • Competing in the World Finals of the ACM ICPC, to be held in Stockholm towards the end of April

May your 2009 also be fun, exciting and productive!