Yesterday, being the opening day for registration at 2009, I decided to attend the Newcomers’ session, in which Rusty Russell and Donna Benjamin detail the history of the conference to conference newbies. This was followed by drinks and nibbles at one of the local bars (the Metz, unfortunately, and became very loud before too long).

Last year’s Newbie’s session was excellent, I met many interesting people from other projects, and this didn’t happen to the same extent as it did (though I spent a fair amount of time chatting with Rusty about various things), though a few friends from Sydney made their way down independently, and I met another NCSSer (a tutor who tutored the returners at his first NCSS), so it was good to catch up with them.

The evening was spent watching the the aforementioned students from Sydney attempting to set up a wireless network. Who’d have imagined it was so difficult for people to three Uni Students to agree on which set of DHCP and DNS services to use?

No photos today sadly, hopefully I’ll be able to get some onto flickr this evening. Maybe.