You may have caught the announcement yesterday about the miniconfs accepted for 2010 (to be held in January in Wellington) and noticed my name there…

I’m running one of the miniconfs this year, along with Jacinta Richardson. It’s called the Open Programming Languages Miniconf, and is all about doing application development with open source tools (languages, libraries, frameworks, etc). Our proposal put it like this:

The Open Programming Languages Miniconf is a single-day mini-conference about application development with Open Source programming languages. Featuring talks on a wide range of topics and programming languages, this miniconf aims to bring together open source developers with presentations that share techniques, best practices and values amongst programmers of all open programming languages.

Our CFP isn’t quite ready yet, but our website is, and you can go there to read more of our proposal, and subscribe to our announcements RSS.

So if you have something to say about developing with Python, Perl, PHP, C, or any other open source programming language, start planning your talks and presentations; I look forward to seeing the quality from the main conference submissions first-hand!

Oh, and see you in Wellington!