A friend of mine showed me Translation Party. I thought it might be fun to write some poetry with it:


My duck, please on the roof of the master.
When the roof, ducks quack
Ducks quack, trembling with fear of the roof
Now the world knows the Ducks.

My friends, please see the duck
The ducks live in the river.
River, or pay attention to the ducks?
Kamogawa and Thanks.

Ducks will forever live in the river
However, to take care of the ducks
I need to take care of the river

I, the river, ducks love to swim
Whether swimming in the river?
When, and to save the duck, I love the duck
Also, do you like your duck?

I have to save the ducks, and thanks to all.
If you want to save the ducks?
Know how to save the ducks
And the world knows.