I’m taking what scant morning time I have away from the conference today to let you know what I’m doing during it, isn’t that nice? Naturally, I’ve written this at 6:30AM, which is like 4:30AM Sydney Time: a fact that my body hasn’t kept from me. Still, I need to be up early, if only for today… So. Here begins the brain dump:

I landed in Wellington on Friday — as a miniconf organiser, I was fortunate enough to get picked up at the airport, and get the sights of the area shown to me. This includes Wellington’s idea of an aircraft control tower (slotted between two houses on a residential block — no photo, going too fast :(), a wind meter, which kindly blocks the road in sufficiently-strong winds, and most importantly the conference centre in which LCA will be held. I checked in to UStay (the budget accommodation booked by the conference), and got a room on the 11th floor. This wouldn’t necessarily be an issue to me, save for the fact that the elevator goes up to 10 only: the remaining floor is scaled by way of a fire escape that isn’t terribly well-marked. The room is pretty comfortable (really good for NZ$21 per night), and the common room is big, with plenty of couches, allowing delegates to socialise.

This is my first time staying at conference accommodation (I’ve been to two LCA’s before), which has revealed an entirely new side of the conference: all the delegates staying here share a single common room, and there are plenty of new friends to be made just by popping over to another of the many groups that form there.

The common room, luckily, provides more than enough entertainment here, since the weather’s been pretty awful since I got here — strong wind and plenty of rain have accompanied 15-degree weather (which I am hoping will lift tomorrow). Flights for some have had to be diverted to Auckland, so it’s dubious as to whether some people will even make the start of the conference. This is apparently unusual for Wellington (despite its reputation as the windy city).

Well, it’s probably time I considered popping downstairs, and getting ready to go: I’ve got a miniconf to run today — wish me luck!