Those who’ve cared to look at my site in the past will know that I’ve been a pretty big fan of PyBlosxom, a lightweight filesystem-based CMS and blog engine. If you’re happy to dig around in configuration files and editors to produce your posts, it lets you do a lot with very little.

Unfortunately, recently I’ve experienced a mini-deluge of Russian comment spam which, under PyBlosxom requires far too much effort to clean up (even with the excellent Akismet spam plugin by Benjamin “Mako” Hill). I’ve used this deluge as an excuse to migrate my site to WordPress, which I’ve been considering making the move to for quite some time.

The resulting site is now up and running at my new domain name (, which is running on my new UK-based Linode 512 VPS. Hopefully this is an excellent excuse to keep it properly up-to-date, especially considering the amount of effort I’ve had to go through to get it to this stage!