AUC /dev/world/2010, the Apple University Consortium’s conference for developers working on or with Mac or iOS devices is on again this year, on the 28th and 29th of September, in Melbourne.  Last year I presented a talk, and ran the conference’s lightning talks; the conference was fanstastic: the content was easily-accessible to staff and students from across the country, and catered to a very wide range of skill levels and familiarity with Apple frameworks.

This year, I’ll be presenting Awesome Things You’ve Missed in Python, a fast-paced, code-heavy recap of interesting features to hit the Python Programming language in the past few years.  My talk is not specific to Apple development, but will have a strong focus on techniques which are applicable to development with the PyObjC library.

If you’re on staff or are a student of an AUC member university (most Australian Universities are, as are a few Kiwi ones), registration is cheap ($100 for students), and all flights and accommodation are subsidised (to a generous limit).  If a fun two days of meeting interesting people and learning about development techniques with the latest technology available on Apple devices interests you, get in contact with your local AUCDF coordinator to register!