So yesterday I was in the air, and unable to do day 10’s post. Luckily they make enough sense combined to combine into a single post.

Picture, screenshot and specifications of your primary computer.

Apologies for the blurry photo. I’ve shown this one because it contains both of my primary computers.

The desktop is a generic Athlon 64×2 of some specification, with some RAM and some hard discs in them, it also has an nVidia (HRRRRRNGH) graphics card of some description to drive my two monitors — I honestly don’t care much beyond that, as it serves its purpose. It runs Debian “testing”. The keyboard is a Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 — I first used one of those during my internship at Google. I liked them so much that I bought one the moment I got home, and I haven’t looked back 🙂

The laptop is my general purpose on-the-road device. It’s a black MacBook from 2008, with an Intel Core Duo 2.4GHz in it. It also has RAM.

Favourite hacking environment – music, light, seating, etc

Turns out you’ve got all of the clues you need in there as well — the corner of my bedroom where my desk is serves as my primary hacking area. It’s softly-lit, and has plenty of working space when I can be bothered cleaning it up 😀

As for music, well, it really depends on my mood whilst hacking on something — sometimes it’s nothing at all, but other times it’s something from my extremely esoteric and varietous music collection.

Oh, and if I get bored/stuck on a problem, I can always look out the window!

A Through-The-Windows Vista