As I’m busily sitting in the speakers’ room at OSCON 2012, I’m reminded that it’s not all that long until we kick off PyCon Australia 2012. I’m really looking forward to seeing two days of interesting, fun and informative talks from Australia’s best Python experts. I’m also really really excited about our two US-based keynote presenters: Mark Ramm (TurboGears co-BDFL, Pyramid hacker, and Engineering Manager on Juju at Canonical) and Kenneth Reitz (author of Python-Requests, various other Python open source projects, and Python Overlord at Heroku).

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, we’d love it if you did: registrations will remain open until the week of the conference (unless we sell out); if you want T-shirts, you’ll need to register on or before July 31. More information can be found at the PyCon Australia website.